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Function Description

Telephone POS offers the following services:

  1. Operates on the land line or wireless network for the best coverage and fastest transactions
  2. Low-cost, all-in-one Telephone POS terminal solution
  3. Occupies minimal wall space
  4. Large graphical back-lit LCD display and Menu driven software.
  5. User-friendly keyboard and operational menu system
  6. Current and history batch reports available
  7. Simply plug in the phone line or wireless and the terminal will 'forward' all the transactions to be authorized and processed.
  8. "Soft" keys and programmable function keys, allow the user to easily and quickly access all of the terminal's powerful features.
  9. FSK/DTMF CID phone function built
  10. With Magnetic card reader, support 1/2/3 track or RF card reader;
  11. Support kinds of Smart IC Cards and Memory IC Cards, following ISO-7816 standard;
  12. Support serial port and external printer;
  13. Short message receiving and sending available
  14. PSAM(Purchase Secure Access Module) / IC card provided for encrypt.


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