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The supply of bank counters Po Interactive
Release Date:2010/6/26 11:43:32

1. Password keyboard, evaluation devices, displays, radio, interactive tank Five In, more secure password
2. Coins, banknotes pass more easily
3. On the service environment, service effectiveness, to evaluate the attitude
4. Counter cleaner
5. Apply to banks, securities and other financial sector counter business, put the words and the location, please set your company.
The product code on the counter savers and depositors and keyboard to use the walkie-talkie call between teller, evaluation devices, integrated in the interactive display tank, causing the counter to use more efficient and cleaner. Same time, because depositors password keyboard interactive tank integrated in the bottom of depositors in the password will not be long for another glimpse of that security.

Enter the password and the evaluation of private
1. An integrated PIN pad, and evaluator of stainless steel, 100% anti-spy, to ensure privacy password
22000 times maintenance.

Embedded intercom system
1. Farewell plug-type radio, fully automatic two-way intercom system, through the micro-computer processing, solve the echo, howling and other defects, improve staff working conditions.

Security, currency, document delivery
1. Humanization design cabinet slots, currency, document delivery easier and safer; in strict accordance with the requirements of anti-riot shield the central bank.

1. Customer input more clearly, improve work efficiency.
Specifications: stainless steel metal password Keyboard keyboard, waterproof, dust-proof and long life (up to 100 life for each keyboard million).

Panel (W × H × D): 405 × 260 × 151.2mm

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