IP65 self-service kiosk stainless steel metal keyboard with trackball and numeric keypad

Input device for self service kiosk, industrial computer

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Model No.: KMY299J-1



Ø Front Panel: 420 x 145mm

Ø Diameter of trackball: 38mm


Interface: USB or PS/2


Outstanding Features:

Ø 97 keys stainless steel top panel mounting keyboard with trackball and numeric keypad

Ø Support OS: Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/2003/XP/Vista, Linux and Unix

Ø Excellent tactile sense by special U shaped keys

Ø Customized layout available

Ø Lettering by etching and inking, or laser technology

Ø Carbon-on-Gold key switch technology (silicon gel)

Ø Waterproof and dustproof

Ø Very rugged vandal proof design

Ø Can be cleaned with soapy water, disinfectant or other cleaning agents



Ø Front Panel: High quality 304# stainless steel

Ø Keys: High quality 304# stainless steel

Ø Trackball: High quality 304# stainless steel

Ø Back panel: Aluminum alloy


Mechanical Data:

Ø Key trip: 1.5mm

Ø Key pressure: 0.81.6 N

Ø Lifespan: >2 million operations per key

Ø Gross Weight: 2.3 KGS


Electrical Data:

Ø Input Voltage: 5.0VDC±5%

Ø Electric Current: 10mA

Ø EMC Emission: EN55022

Ø ESD Standard: Air Discharge 8KV; Contact Discharge 6KV


Environmental Adaptability:

Ø Operating Temperature: +6

Ø Storage Temperature: -25°+8

Ø Relative humidity: 30%90%

Ø Atmospheric pressure: 60106 KPa



Ø MTBF: >20,000 hours

Ø MTTR: < 30 minutes

Ø CE, FCC, RoHS, ESD compliant

Ø Waterproof and Dustproof class: IP65 (front panel)

Ø Vandal resistant class: IK07


This stainless steel metal keyboard is widely used in self service kiosk, industrial computer, etc.

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