Development And Characteristics Of Self-help Card-issuing TerminalsRelease time:2019-01-22

Self-help card terminals refer to self-service devices that can be used by users to help themselves (wholly or partly) to achieve instant hairpin. Self-help card machine is a new type of self-service equipment, mainly using modern network technology, computer control technology and human-computer interaction technology, the traditional counter-card service transfer to self-service equipment to complete.

The bank is the original demand side of self-service card terminals, as early as 2009, the bank customers start self-service equipment manufacturers and software vendors to explore the development of self-help card-issuing machine. From 2009 to 2013 of 5 years, self-service card-issuing machine to VTM or product-receiving machine two main ways to appear. These two self-help devices feature different features, but are embedded in the module that enables self-service card-issuing. Among them, VTM in addition to the realization of self-help hairpin, because of the remote teller's video voice assistance, can help users to handle more business, such as account opening, transfer, cash transactions, banks and other value-added services, in contrast, the function of the product pick up machine is relatively simple, only to achieve hairpin or other bank products, such as U shield.

In order to enhance the user experience, improve the stickiness of bank customers, and in order to reduce the bank card business costs, banks continue to promote the development of new self-service card terminals, this new self-service card terminals using personalized printer as an important business card printing module, can realize instant customization of cards, instant personalization.

The new self-service card terminal can be said to be the self-service version of the bank's full card issuing service. In the bank's background data and process support, the new self-service card terminals already have IC card chip and magnetic stripe personalized, flat print, Braille printing, gravure printing, timeout card recycling functions.

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