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Intelligent supply bank cashier slot
Release Date:2010/6/26 11:45:35
Safe and secure. Enter the password and the evaluation of private
1. An integrated PIN pad, and evaluator of stainless steel, 100% anti-spy, to ensure privacy password
22000 times maintenance.

Embedded intercom system
1. Farewell plug-type radio, fully automatic two-way intercom system, through the micro-computer processing, solve the echo, howling and other defects, improve staff working conditions.

Security, currency, document delivery
1. Humanization design cabinet slots, currency, document delivery easier and safer; in strict accordance with the requirements of anti-riot shield the central bank.

1. Customer input more clearly, improve work efficiency.
Specifications: stainless steel metal password Keyboard keyboard, waterproof, dust-proof and long life (up to 100 life for each keyboard million).

Panel (W × H × D): 405 × 260 × 151.2mm
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