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> Lobby series KMY8200
> Through wall series KMY8300
> Free-standing series KMY8500
> Wall-mounted series KMY8600
> Desktop series KMY8700
> Dual-display series KMY8210
> Adjustable kiosk
> Custom kiosk
> Postal kiosk
> Photo kiosk
> Card dispensing kiosk
> Stainless steel kiosk
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> Metal keyboard
> Metal keyboard with trackball
> Metal keyboard with touchpad
> Desktop Metal keyboard
> Mini Metal keyboard
> Humanized Metal Keyboard with “U“ Shape Keys
Metal Keypad
> Encryption pin pad
> Multi-Functional EPP for Banking Counter
> non-encryption keypad
> Pointing Device
> Function keys
Unattended Payment
> Unattended Payment
> Wireless POS
> POS PIN pad
> Table top Telephone POS
> Wall-mounted Telephone POS
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> Spare Parts
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2017.03.31 Through GB/T 19001-2008 International quality system certification
2010.06.12 fixed-line company E-POS Payment Terminal Project by Ministry of Science and Technology Innovation Fund
2010.06.05 company has a metal keyboard password KMY3503A certified by PCI V2.X
2010.05.20 "KMY" registered trademark of the State Administration for Industry and formally approved by the Trademark Office
2010.04.20, Inc. as the good faith demonstration enterprise in Guangdong Province
2009.12.23 Corporation for five utility model patents
2009.11.17 in the first China (Shenzhen) on innovation and entrepreneurship by Innovation Award Competition
2009.10.22 the company was appointed national business secret production unit
2009.10.08 PIN pad products company the world's first eight certified by PCI V2.X
2009.09.28 secure payment terminal company into three ministries, the national supply of qualified products Agriculture Project
2009.05.27 companies of software copyright by 7
2009.05.19 POS terminals cable companies have been permitted the Ministry of Industry Network
2009.05.08 holding company established Shanghai KMY Hongsheng Electronics
2009.05.05 POS terminals by telephone companies CCC certification
2009.03.14 Through ISO9001: 2008 certification for version
2009.01.21 The company self-terminal series, ATM machines certified by CCC
2008.12.31 appearance of products obtained six patents
2008.09.16 phone POS terminal certified by China Union Pay
2008.09.01 in the metal PIN pad key new product by provinces
2008.09.01 Interactive company's new products through the Ministry of Public Security Certification Po counter
2008.06.16 KMY move to the Innovation and Technology Square, 20th Floor, East Wing, II, double in size
2008.03.10 KMY Industrial Park (area 20,000 square meters) to establish and put into use
2007.11.30 companies PIN pad metal high-tech projects by Shenzhen
2007.10.18 companies identified by high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen City
2007.08.01 M & Sheet Metal Company - Shenzhen JET Technology Co., Ltd.
2007.05.24 in the metal keyboard password authentication through the Bank of China PBOC
2007.04.30 Through ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification
2007.04.12 SZ KMY Baoan factory was established
2007.03.26 company officially received the first from the Middle East, Dubai, orders from abroad
2007.02.01 companies import and export rights by The People's Republic of China
2007.01.08 SZ KMY Co., Ltd. founded of Shenzhen City

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